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The fact is that those people handing down decisions on the abortion issue are not the ones who will have to live or die by it. Ten years old. That’s the age my child would have been. And I would not be here in Glasgow. i wouldn’t be in this band or traveling. And I wouldn’t have seen the liberal ways in wich other countries we visited deal with this issue. I wouldn’t have been asked to write this piece. The fact that I’ve been through it on all levels is the only reason I accepted. Perhaps I’ll have a child in the future, when I can provide properly. Who knows. But as individuals in this “free” country, we must have the right to choose when that time is right. This is not a game. This is not a religious pep rally. This is a woman’s future. Decide on the issue and vote -male or female- for this is not just a woman’s issue. It’s human rights. If it were a man’s body and it was his destiny we were deciding, there would be no issue.

Eddie Vedder - November, 1992. Spin Magazine.

Withdrawn from Pearl Jam Twenty book.

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